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Turn complex data into measurable value. At scale.

Our software is designed to unlock planet-scale outcomes by transforming complex data into continuously proven information. We use our AI-enabled Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology to deliver the missing context in real time and store it to an immutable ledger, so all users know what's real and have the confidence to act.

Measure Monitor Mitigate Monetize


Environmental attribute registry

Enabled by our enterprise data fabric, Immutably.

Context Labs’ foundational Immutably™ technology enables organizations to better harness their data and transform it into trusted insights that solve their business’s — and the world’s — most complex challenges.

Built on an open API architecture, our blockchain-enabled platform allows organizations to continuously ingest, encrypt, and contextualize data from any source at scale, connect the dots in an increasingly fragmented ecosystem, and make data an accelerant for global change.

  1. Ingest

    Massive amounts of structured and unstructured data, consumed from any relevant source

  2. Contextualize

    AI and machine learning break down every data point, then recast this information into new insights

  3. Encrypt

    Key facts, trends and patterns are compiled and continuously and securely stored on the blockchain



Commercializing Carbon Intensity

Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™) provides a comprehensive, integrated solution to measure, manage, and report GHG and criteria air pollutant emissions.

Generating New Environmental Attributes from Trusted Asset-Grade Data (AGD™) Technology

Powered by our Immutably™ blockchain-enabled data fabric technology, CLEAR Path™ drives trust, transparency, and visibility throughout the lifecycle of an environmental attribute, yielding the highest-quality credits and certificates available.

Context is everything

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Our software turns complex data into continuously proven information

Because when participants trust information across a whole ecosystem, they make decisions faster, track impact with accuracy, and realize new operating models that have a ripple effect on global markets.