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We exist to enable real-world impact

Context Labs’ mission is to transform complex data into continuously proven information. Powered by Immutably™, an innovative, trusted data fabric platform, our integrated solutions deliver context-driven insights that enable human networks to spot patterns, correlate trends — and reveal the ground truth hidden inside the world’s most complicated, persistent problems.

The Problem

Lack of trust in data

The Answer

A data fabric with continuous proof

Context Labs Enterprise Data Fabric platform, Immutably™ is a family of technologies upon which applications with trusted data requirements can be built. Using an open API architecture, Immutably™ can ingest any source of data, from satellite images through all sensor suites to enterprise systems of record and PDFs of handwritten reports. By connecting formerly disconnected domains, data becomes contextualized, verified, and actionable, resulting in new opportunities for value creation.

Data → Value

Data to value diagram

“Context Labs has developed a technology that breaks the real bottleneck of our AI-enabled future… namely the ability to make massive repositories of disparate data both reliable and actionable regardless of their source, scale, or syntax. They’ve essentially made ETL obsolete, using blockchain to ensure fidelity to original sources, and a unique combination of AI-developed network graph analytics, data interoperability and visualization to spot patterns and correlate trends in ways that reveal the simple truth hidden in the world’s most complex problems.”

Michael Troiano & Matthew Szulik, Chairman and CEO Emeritus, Red Hat


Context Labs was founded by a team who has developed at-scale platform technology over the last 30 years, bringing to market innovations that benefit billions of Internet users every day.

Our team includes experts in software platforms, distributed and shared ledgers, encryption, network science, social, local, mobile, big data, and visualization technologies.


Context Labs Founder & CEO, Dan Harple, has built technologies, companies, and products that have been used by billions of Internet users. Harple has been called a “serial entrepreneur” and Internet pioneer, playing a key role in the development of several Internet standards and core inventions in real-time web communication, media streaming, collaborative computing, and location-based social media.

Strategic Advisory Board

The company is supported by a Strategic Advisory Board comprised of thought leaders in the fields of business, finance, academia, and the growing ESG space. Our strategic advisors have worked in the highest levels of government and provided counsel to presidents and world leaders. They’ve served in senior leadership roles at global organizations, spearheaded initiatives that have reshaped conversations around policy, leadership, innovation, and have founded or co-founded disruptive companies that have laid the foundation for the work we do today. Their experience, unique insights, and strategic guidance are invaluable to our efforts to drive global change.

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