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DaaS™ leverages Context Labs’ trademarked Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology to create the most accurate picture of a customer’s emissions profile. Using an array of public and private data and unstructured and structured information from all sources, AGD™ technology powers DaaS™ and creates a ground source of truth customers can use to advance their decarbonization programs.

DaaS™ also supports a suite of advanced detection and qualification solutions that combine cutting-edge, Big Data and machine learning analytics tools, digital ledger technologies, and registration services to create verifiable information the public, investors, and regulators can trust.


DaaS Service Layers

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Connecting & securing all relevant data to prove net zero initiatives

Context Labs acquires direct measurements from multiple best-in-class detection sources, delivering the most accurate digital representation of ground truth asset operation performance, and their ambient environmental impact.

“Context Labs aims to solve one of the world’s major challenges – accelerating the energy transition to carbon neutrality. Our DaaS™ platform provides a full end-to-end solution for our customers to achieve and accelerate their climate commitments. Deployment with leading enterprise customers is bringing us one step further towards our goal for Context Labs technology to serve as the bedrock for the future of responsible, informed, and trusted Climate Tech.”

Dan Harple, CEO, Context Labs


Williams Decarbonization Cloud

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Challenge: Provide a comprehensive solution for Williams (NYSE: WMB) to meet their climate commitments and track, quantify, and report methane emissions across the full value chain

Outcome: Williams is deploying DaaS™ to accelerate on their energy transition strategy by bringing trusted, transparent Next Gen Gas to the marketplace with first-of-its-kind low emissions certified energy pathways

Carbon Capture & Sequestration

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Challenge: How to accurately track and measure new environmental attributes

Outcome: Companies that use CLEAR Path™ have been able to transform disconnected data sets into trusted insights that support new carbon methodologies and next-generation environmental attributes.