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Immutably,™ Context Labs’ foundational technology, enables your organization to better harness data and transform it into trusted insights that drive your business.

Built on an open API architecture, our blockchain-enabled platform allows companies to continuously ingest, encrypt, and contextualize data from any source — at scale. Immutably™  transforms your data to be secure and trusted, using Asset Grade Data (AGD™) Technology. This is tested and unalterable data verified by one or more third party SMEs. Immutably™ empowers you to “connect the dots” in a fragmented ecosystem, and turn data into a true strategic asset to reduce your risks, better respond to changing market dynamics, and solve your business’ — and the world’s — most complex challenges.

  • Es


    A platform for automating data ingestion, transformation, and analytics to produce highly trusted data. Designed to support analytics pipelines with requirements for deep provenance and AI-driven analytics capabilities.

  • Pr


    Enterprise-scale technology for the creation of digital assets and digital twins, providing the value of smart contracts in a highly scalable way.

  • Pw


    Open and extensible system for providing digital signatures and attestations or proofs over data. Proves the existence, source and timeframe of every dataset ingested.

  • Sc


    High throughput, highly scalable, private permissioned blockchain ledger with deeply integrated identity models and an ultra-low energy footprint.

  • Ia

    Impact Analytics

    Big data and machine learning analytics platform that integrates Immutably™ driven asset-grade data with AI to provide a new category of trusted insights.

  • Esg


    Data-driven digital signal that disrupts traditional ESG “scores.” AlphaESG™ provides deeply provenanced and trusted insights, to enable deeper descriptive and predictive analytics.


Advancing Sustainability in the Energy Sector with Decarbonation-as-a-Service (DaaS™)

To advance their sustainability efforts, companies need better methods to accurately measure greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). Williams, a leading U.S. energy supplier, has turned to Context Labs’ DaaS™ Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™) platform to solve this challenge.

The platform, a comprehensive, integrated solution to measure, manage, and report GHG and criteria air pollutant emissions, has enabled Williams to create its own Decarbonization Cloud (WDC) to track carbon intensity throughout its supply chain, meet new stakeholder reporting demands, and mature its sustainability program. 

As it has for Williams, DaaS™ can drive greater value throughout the energy sector, helping companies foster more trust in climate data, propel their energy transition, and capitalize on data to future-proof their business.

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Carbon Credit Creation

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Leveraging CLEAR Path™ to Strengthen Trust in the Carbon Markets

As regulators seek to more clearly define and set standards for environmental attributes, there’s a pressing need to increase trust in the carbon markets. 

One private exchange and marketplace that delivers premium-quality carbon credits and other environmental attributes from nature-based solutions is trying to make this happen. The company has used Immutably™ and the CLEAR Path™ attribute registry to quantify environmental attributes at scale. 

Leveraging the Immutably™ enterprise data fabric platform has allowed the company to offer irrefutable proof of quantified environmental attributes to the wider market. CLEAR Path™, which provides flexible, scalable infrastructure that supports evolving carbon methodologies and project types, has helped the company reduce risks, accelerate time to market, and create new, trusted commercial products.  

Together,  Immutably™ and CLEAR Path™ give companies in the carbon markets a proven pathway to develop and measure new environmental attributes and monetize their business, while minimizing negative environmental impacts globally.

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Critical Infrastructure & Transportation

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Creating Future-Ready Critical Infrastructure with Immutably

Companies in the critical Infrastructure space want to develop more efficient and resilient transportation systems, but to do this they must embrace next-generation technologies that drive better use of data. 

Context Labs’ critical infrastructure clients have leveraged the Immutably™ platform to move in this direction. The blockchain-enabled solution accurately measures the performance of infrastructure assets in real time. 

Immutably™ is advancing critical infrastructure innovation by allowing providers to transform all the data they collect into insights that drive action. With Immutably™, the industry can create a continuous source of truth for transportation-related data that leads to safer communities, better climate performance for infrastructure assets, and more sustainable, future-ready transit networks.

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Carbon Capture and Sequestration

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Supporting Emerging Environmental Attributes with CLEAR Path™

Companies need a better way to measure new environmental attributes. CLEAR Path™, powered by Immutably™, offers them a proven solution.

The attribute registry delivers the highest-quality carbon credits and tracks everything from carbon capture and credit creation to the retirement of credits. It has helped companies uncover relationships between disparate data sets to boost carbon capture and sequestration, perform more accurate attestations, and maximize data to better support next-generation environmental attributes.

CLEAR Path™ is helping companies develop trusted, context-driven insights that improve their market reputation, help them create high-quality environmental attributes, and advance transparency to accelerate the global energy transition.

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OEM partners

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To streamline the at-scale deployment of Decarbonization-as-a-Service™, Context Labs provides hardware and equipment manufacturers custom integrated service offerings through our Immutably™-Inside licensing.   

By deploying the Immutably™ data fabric through direct partnerships with OEM providers, Context Labs increases the operational and commercial benefit for DaaS™ customers, ensuring true plug-and-play capabilities with best-in-class technology.