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Context Labs was founded by Dan Harple in 2016. Harple has been called a “serial entrepreneur” and Internet pioneer, playing a key role in the development of several Internet standards and core inventions in real-time web communication, media streaming, collaborative computing, and location-based social media.

Our team has decades of experience developing scalable technologies that have transformed how people use the Internet. Our Founder & CEO has built companies that were acquired by industry leaders and disruptors, such as:

  • Netscape Communications: Established key standards for Internet collaboration, media streaming, and VoIP
  • Oracle: Provided core big data and collaborative capabilities for Oracle Fusion (now with 65,000+ customers)
  • A joint venture with China’s Sina: Provided core underlying technology for Sina’s Weibo platform, with over 650 million daily users

Context Labs mission is to deliver and scale the world’s trusted impact software platform to lead and set the standard for trusted data and analytics that solves the challenges of our times.

The company’s core principles are based on the Pentalytic™ Framework, derived from Harple’s Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Research.

Our team taps into this wealth of experience to empower today’s companies to use data more impactfully — and harness it to drive transformative, planet-scale outcomes.

Pentalytic Model

Bringing together disparate ecosystems

Context Labs technologies are rooted in our Founder’s MIT-developed Pentalytic™ Framework model, which focuses on creating an integrated innovation ecosystem. 

Pentalytics-derived technologies — including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and machine learning-enabled solutions — provide a pathway to quantifiably measure the resilience of an ecosystem. Through this lens, we develop strategies to connect and integrate actors within decentralized global ecosystems to work toward a common goal.