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CERAWeek 2024

Read the buzz surrounding Context Labs post-CERAWeek with our latest press coverage:

Why fossil fuel producers are oddly optimistic in the climate change era

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Umair Irfan | Mar 29, 2024, 7:30am EDT

“Context Labs, one of the companies presenting at the Agora, has developed software so companies can track emissions across their facilities, sometimes down to individual pieces of hardware like generators or furnaces. The goal is to give companies actionable information about where they need to cut pollution, how they can route their operations to be more carbon efficient, and what assets will be at risk when emissions regulations get stricter.”

Could better, more consistent measurements of emissions cut down on incidents of ‘greenwashing?’

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Celeste Schurman | March 27, 2024, 1:29 PM

Some climate technology companies and nonprofits are trying to establish standard measurements for oil and gas producers to avoid future incidents of “greenwashing” — companies misleading the public about what they’re doing to protect the environment — to keep the industry honest about emission reductions they announce.

Houston Matters producer Celeste Schurman discusses such efforts with Nathan Brawn, chief development and strategy officer at the data firm Context Labs.

EQT Eyeing Data Center ‘Gold Rush’ for Natural Gas-Fired Power, Unleashing More LNG

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Carolyn Davis | March 26, 2024

The focus now is measuring the “absolute output” of emissions in partnership with Context Labs. Context Labs’s Decarbonization-as-a-Service, or DaaS offering, verifies carbon intensity across the value chain through measurement-based, upstream emissions data.

“That’s how you can compare to other products,” Wingo said. “That number needs to be transparent. It needs to be verifiable. And we believe that’s going to be really important. And so we’re working with Context Labs to make sure we can do that.” Midstream giant Williams and Denver-based independent Jonah Energy LLC also are using Context Labs to verify their carbon intensity.

CERAWeek was filled with engaging sessions that offered deep insight into how companies can navigate today’s multidimensional energy transition. 

CERAWeek Plenary Stage

One of the most compelling was “The Future Role of Natural Gas in a Low Carbon World.” The session focused on how natural gas producers and suppliers can expand their portfolios with certified low-carbon intensity products to better compete with emerging low-carbon fuel sources.

Contextual AGD™ Tracking Energy Supply

Toby Rice, CEO of EQT, the largest provider of natural gas in the U.S., and Alan Armstrong, CEO of Williams, which handles one third of the country’s natural gas, shared how their companies are accurately tracking emissions through advanced all-source data ingestion across the energy value chain using Context Labs’ AI-enabled solutions that produce contextual Asset Grade Data — or proven, trusted, traceable, and verified emissions data.

Energy Providers take Ambitious Action to Achieve Emissions Reduction

To advance the global energy transition, companies will need a combination of innovative technology, trusted data, and industry expertise. Through our partnerships with Williams and EQT, we’re powerfully bringing all these elements together to help energy providers deliver on their climate commitments and future proof their business.

Toby Rice and Alan Armstrong during the CERAWeek panel, “The Future Role of Natural Gas in a Low Carbon World.”, March 20, 2024.
Toby Rice during the CERAWeek panel, “The Future Role of Natural Gas in a Low Carbon World.”, March 20, 2024.
Alan Armstrong during the CERAWeek panel, “The Future Role of Natural Gas in a Low Carbon World.”, March 20, 2024.
Alan Armstrong during the CERAWeek panel, “The Future Role of Natural Gas in a Low Carbon World.”, March 20, 2024.

Another exciting moment from our Decarbonization-as-Service ™ demo stations at #CERAWeek!

EQT CEO, Toby Rice stopped by our Agora Installation to talk about our partnership with Context Labs CBO, Chris Rezendes. Our strategic collaboration supports EQT in achieving its industry-leading emissions reduction targets, including reaching net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2025.

Context Labs’ AI-enabled data fabric platform creates trusted, Asset Grade Data, enabling EQT to quantify emissions, conduct operational analysis, verify environmental attributes, and prove climate performance across the full energy value chain.

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