This month, CIO Applications Magazine honored us with the distinction of being named one of their “Top 25 Blockchain Technology Solution Providers – 2018.” The publication illuminates new technologies and companies for industry leaders and decision-makers to understand and incorporate these new innovations and innovators into their revenue-oriented operations and offerings.

Intentional innovation has solved the planet’s grandest problems since time immemorial. It drives us and sits at the heart of everything we do. We would not be able to achieve our goals without pragmatic, solution-oriented, intentional innovation at the forefront at all times.

That drive to innovate makes this announcement all the more meaningful.

In an interview with the publication, Context Labs Founder and CEO, Dan Harple, summed up the core of our mission for the publication by stating, “Everything we share and use is part of a supply chain – digital and physical. We are all interconnected in a supply chain of relationships, ideas, intellectual property, invention, products, and services. This supply chain has innate value, and in today’s digitally interconnected world, must be protected and secured.”

Harple went on to state, “Irrespective of the industry vertical, starting at the inception of an idea and its intellectual property and all the way through until delivery of the completed product, Blockchain can build ‘confidence and trust, into the supply chain of everything.”

Here at Context Labs, we believe our technology offerings to be at the leading edge of innovation in revolutionizing supply chains, IP protection, distributed ledger technology, network graph analytics, and providing the most immutable data and solutions to our clients, customers, and partners.

We would also like to offer congratulations to the other featured vendors across other applications including Nasdaq Bwise, EngiLifeSciences, Riskonnect, Verterim, Verge Health, eCustoms, and ShipChain.

To learn more about how Context Labs can help your company build its next generation of trusted systems, visit here.