At this point in time, everyone has heard of “fake news,” “fake data,” and the increasing lack of trust today’s Internet delivers.  In many ways, the ability of digital technologies to allow the copying and sharing of information, has also created a world where trust has lessened. Spammers, trolls, scammers, piracy, and frauds are perpetrating and degrading civil society.  We believe that is time to declare NO FAKE DATA, and provide a technology-driven solution. 

This is something Context Labs has been focused on, and we’ve developed a solution to solve this problem.  It’s called Proofworks™, a new component of our Immutably™ product family.  While there are are many potential use cases for it, we have signed up to one that impacts everyone on the planet, climate change.  

Climate Data Matters: “No Fake Data”

Our efforts in building this technology have been shaped by our collaborations with the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, as well as technology we’ve delivered for the Environmental Defense Fund.  We have also enjoyed working with the MIT Media Lab in its Future Law efforts, where our CEO Dan Harple recently gave a talk called “A Systems Model for an On-Demand Solar Microgrid- Deploying Blockchain-Enabled Technologies.”  

It was  MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative (DCI), and Michael Casey who introduced us to the team at Hack4Climate.  And thanks to Michael’s intro,  today we’re also announcing our role in the Hack4Climate Initiative.  Click here for the announcement.  

We’re excited and looking forward to participating in and growing a global ecosystem for climate, and relentlessly focused on insuring that #NoFakeData pollutes our thinking and analytics.  

Background on H4C-

Hack4Climate is a 4-day Climate/Blockchain hackathon event. Its objective is to mobilise the Blockchain/DLT (Digital Ledger Technology) community for#ClimateAction, assuring that the Paris Climate Agreement is successfully implemented. Hack4Climate is held with the support of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat in Bonn, Germany – during the COP23 climate conference in November 2017. It is financed by public and private sponsors, and organised as part of the Climate Ledger Initiative (CLI), an international, multi-stakeholder initiative at the intersection of climate and DLT.