We’re really excited to announce today that Context Labs (CXL) has acquired IoT ImpactLABS (https://iotimpactlabs.com/).  They have a great team who’ll be joining us on our journey to transform and improve how value transfers from producers/creators/inventors to users/consumers- the Supply Chain of Everything.  We do this at Context Labs using an integration of blockchain technologies with big data ingestion, machine learning, analytics and dashboard-style visualizations. 


The way value is delivered to businesses and consumers is what we call the “Supply Chain of Everything.”  And we mean everything- physical, digital, virtual.  Ideas are at the inception, representing intellectual property (IP).  IP is the beginning of all supply chains, and our platform is designed to start there.  IP can be digital, in the form of documents, drawings, images.  It can be physical, in the form of prototypes and experiments.  It may be virtual, in the form of online demos, etc.  The pairing of these is what is often called the “Digital Twin” in IOT-speak.  Central to the Digital Twin is context, for with context, we can seamlessly and securely share and differentiate between models.  Our solutions empower the Digital Twin to have provenance, data veracity, accountability and resilience.  This is the power of adding context to blockchain.  

All of these things, collectively together, are the reason our company exists.  They form a Context.  This is why we are called Context Labs.  Our technology reaches into this multi-dimensional reality we live in, physical/digital/virtual, encapsulates it in time, as a “proof,” (which we do with our ProofWorks™ platform), which is then registered immutably, in a blockchain-enabled space, using our Immutably™ platform.  With that, we produce the glue that binds the physical, digital, and virtual into a context.  And, we do this using our platform technologies.

The net effect of this means we have realized one of the visions for blockchain use.  We insure provenance.  We enhance and validate veracity.  This reinforces authenticity, trust, and a better world.  And, we can deploy it in an infinite variety of contexts and markets.  


Going as far upstream as possible in a supply chain requires the use of sensors, data acquisition devices, embedded devices, etc.  This is what has come to be known as the Internet of Things (IoT).  Our deal with IoT ImpactLABS now accelerates our push upstream.  

In practical terms, this means that supply chains for perishable goods such as food can be tracked from field to table, water from source to tap, device firmware from burn-in to upgrade, and climate data from sensor to research to analytics. This key functionality will further provide what the industry has coined the “birth certificate” or “passport” of physical things to be cryptographically encoded and tracked, from the point of inception, through its end of life.  Our move to deploy an interoperable API for the plug-and-play of multi-vendor sensors is a big step toward taking the market into the mainstream.  

With that, our acquisition of IoT Impact Labs is important.  It helps us get upstream faster than others.  It accelerates the “going upstream” with the integration into Immutably™, Proofworks™, and Impact Analytics™, our core offerings.  The acquistion will enhance and accelerate CXL solutions for customers requesting a seamless lower-friction integration with its blockchain-enabled supply chain product line, and IoT-connected devices, sensors, and systems.

See you up river!  And, welcome to the IoT ImpactLABS team!

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