Today Context Labs CEO Dan Harple was an invited speaker at the MIT Media Lab for a session on Future Law, a graduate seminar in the future of law, “Reimagining Rules & Legal Services in light of Novel Technologies and Enabled Code.” The site for Future Law is-

also on github at-

Dan’s talk today focused on the use of Context Labs Proofworks technology, and the role it can play in providing data veracity for legal data, briefs, opinions, “facts and circumstances, etc.”  The session kicked off with MIT’s Sandy Pentland, framing the discussion, and adding insight through the lens of his extensive body of work and research at MIT’s Human Dynamics Lab.  

Dan’s talk was next, providing an overview of Proofworks in the supply chain of digital content, and Immutably, Context Labs solution.  Two short demos were provided as well.

Adam Ziegler, from Harvard Law School’s Innovation Lab, was up next and spoke about the Caselaw Access Project, an innovative initiative to make all US Case Law freely accessible online.  

All in all a great session with some interesting insights. Thanks to our MIT friends Sandy Pentland, Joost Bonsen, and Dazza Greenwood for the invitation.

 It was live streamed and can be reviewed here-

Here’s the session outline-

Topic: New Technologies & Business Models in Context of Global Law Exploring how new inventions and approaches move faster than updates to the legal system; historical examples including Law of the Sea and Space Law, plus domains such as radio frequency allocation, patentability of life, liability of autonomous vehicles, drones, etc.
Focus Area: Computational Systems and Social Physics Focus Area: Common API’s for Reliable Verifications

We will also have 3 minute lightning talks from: