Our Chief Business Officer, Chris Rezendes, was recently a guest on Technology Revolution: The Future of Now podcast, episode: “The Future of Digital Security: Will Zero Trust Keep Your Private Info Safe?” hosted by Bonnie D. Graham.

The episode focused on the term “Zero Trust” and how rethinking ‘trust’ will impact governments, businesses and individuals interacting with virtually any digital system.  The concept of Zero Trust assumes that threats can come from everywhere, including your organization, friends, and family.  The panel discussed the future of cybersecurity, Zero Trust, and predictions of applying Zero Trust to apps on our phone and computers.

The panel included:

  • Chris Rezendes (Chief Business Officer, Context Labs)
  • John Walsh (VP of Business Development & Strategy, BedRock Systems Inc.)
  • Charles C. Byers (Associate Chief Technology Officer, Industrial Internet Consortium and CTO of Valqari, LLC)
  • Matthew Erickson (VP Solutions, SpiderOak)

During the episode, Chris focused on the importance of resilience regarding cybersecurity and Zero Trust.  Chris stated, “I think we are at a moment where we need to get the fundamental intention of our cyber-physical systems right. I think the intention of our cyber-physical systems going forward needs to be some new killer app. I would argue, resilience. If we can build resilience into our systems, including using Zero Trust, then we can enable those resilient cyber-physical systems to enable communities to achieve resilience, either through a new generation of population health tools delivered over smartphones or a new generation of climate-aligned cyber-physical critical infrastructure. Or it’s just a new way of creating or counting or trading value through the next generation of digital assets or tokens or coins. The future isn’t digital, the future is cyber-physical, the future is for humans, the future is for a resilient regenerative planet.”

The webinar included discussion of how Context Labs delivers Zero Trust principles with our Immutably™ platform. If any bit of data is not 100% accurate, we will not allow our clients to distribute data to regulators, host communities, risk and financial capital markets, commercial markets, or to environmental markets publicly.

Context Labs provide customers with Asset Grade Data (AGD): data that is so highly pedigreed, provenanced, proofed, auditable, and immutable that it becomes beyond reproach. We aim to source and secure ground truth data and make it Asset-Grade. The AGD that our platform provides will set a foundation for ESG data that enterprises, regulatory partners, and investors can use and trust in their climate-aligned and sustainable business models.

Technology Revolution: The Future is Now, is a radio podcast hosted by Bonnie D. Graham. Bonnie speaks with future-focused visionaries on Technology Revolution: The Future of Now, broadcasting live every Wednesday at 8 AM Pacific Time/11 AM Eastern Time.


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