Today we announced our co-founding membership in a new global effort called MOBI (Mobility Open Blockchain Initiative).  Our efforts with this began at its inception with a growing relationship between MOBI’s CEO Chris Ballinger and Context Labs CEO Dan Harple.  Chris’ vision, as the former CFO of Toyota and understanding of the automotive sector and its opportunities, combined with Dan’s extensive technology and ecosystem experience, formed a partnership.  MOBI has further used the MIT-researched “Pentalytics”/Innovation Dynamics work, that served as the underpinning for the Open Music Initiative in early 2017.  

Dan joins  MOBI’s advisory board as well.

Why are we placing such emphasis and effort into the new MOBI?

Global mobility and transportation is one of the most complex systems on the planet.

The planet IS a decentralized place.  Companies, people, products.  Distributed ledger technology is a strategic overlay on the reality of distributed supply chains- how we design, build, share, sell, and support products and services.  By using Pentalytics as the MOBI underlayment, MOBI allows industry stakeholders to interoperate together, generate global network effects, and with that stem the tide of big tech disruption, and instead, lead with transformative differentiation.  MOBI and its ecosystem partners have a voice to innovate and differentiate, leveraged by their combined network effect.  Disrupt?  We say “no.”  Provide transformative differentiation, at-scale in one of the world’s largest industry ecosystems?  We say “yes.”

Some background facts support this thesis-

  1. Mobility and transportation is one of the most powerful requirements enabling both advanced and developing economies to achieve social mobility, economic stability and more.
  2. Mobility and transportation supply chains are among the most complex in the world, with mounting pressure related to transformations in transportation systems globally:
    1. Exponential advances in subsystem, vehicle and system intelligence
    2. Commensurate growth in risk – especially cyber/ digital
    3. The need for higher levels of supply chain integrity, transparency and accountability
  3. New mobility and transportation business models are emerging in every market in the world, highlighted by:
    1. Advance of autonomous vehicles and the digital systems enabling them
    2. Emergence of mobility/ transportation as a service and vehicles as pooled/ shared assets versus privately owned
    3. The need for greater environmental resilience and social equity in future systems

The Immutably™ platform technology provided by Context Labs is designed to provide the immutable digital thread from product inception, through manufacturing, and consumer use.  We look forward to working with the MOBI ecosystem and to making our platform available in a variety of ways.  

We look forward to hearing from you!  Please ping us!