Accelerating a Partner Ecosystem with Contextual Asset Grade Data (AGD™) Digital Quantification

Cambridge, Mass., January 24, 2024Context Labs, a leading enterprise data fabric-based climate analytics company, today announced a collaboration with Microsoft to help companies accelerate their transition to net zero. The collaboration enables the seamless integration of sensor platforms and technologies to provide digital quantification of emissions and environmental data. This is a key cornerstone to recording, reporting and reducing environmental impact, enabling the energy transition.

Considering new regulations that focus on rapid and substantial cuts in methane emissions, the market will require a solution to address climate concerns. The Context Labs’ Immutably™-enabled DaaS (Decarbonization-as-a-Service™) platform on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, announced at COP28, provides an enterprise-scale data fabric that seamlessly integrates a range of instrumentation partners to elevate empirical emissions and environmental quantification, highlighting the role of trusted information in climate disclosure and security strategies. The Context Labs platform and product components are now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

DaaS™ delivers streaming climate data pipelines, enabling all sensors, bottom-up to top-down, to be integrated into an AI-enabled context, providing deeper analytics and insights. DaaS™ ingests disparate, disconnected data from any source — including satellites, airborne, drones, ground sensors, SCADA real-time data, and other operational assets — to uncover the ground truth of a customer’s actual carbon intensity.

Customers realize operational, environmental, and financial benefits, as instrument data sources are integrated with high resolution digital twins of operating assets to enable asset-level assignment of emissions events with accuracy, integrity, and transparency. Context Labs technology enables organizations to meet their climate and net-zero targets with empirically quantified data backing carbon credits available to offset residual emissions.

Ecosystem Partners Accelerating to Net Zero with Contextual Asset Grade Data (AGD™)

The announcement includes third-party instrumentation and sensor partners, integrating with the Context Labs Immutably™-enabled DaaS™-on-Azure platform solution, creating a new ecosystem of digitally quantified climate and sustainable data intelligence and analytics:

“When deployed on Microsoft Azure, with its enhanced security and OpenAI tooling, Context Labs is enabling a diverse ecosystem of instrumentation and sensor partners to provide digitally quantified integration on our Decarbonization-as-a-Service platform,” said Dan Harple, founder and CEO of Context Labs. “By using Azure OpenAI Service and machine learning, we are accelerating climate intelligence analytics to a rate where real change can occur. This is the true challenge of our time, where we now provide a globally scaled digital ecosystem to achieve net zero emissions for customers.”

“With greenhouse gas emissions continuing to rise year-over-year—and global energy demand increasing with population and economic growth—this collaboration arrives at a pivotal time in our ongoing efforts to combat climate change and meet emissions reduction goals,” said Darryl Willis, Corporate Vice President, Energy & Resources Industry at Microsoft. “Working together, Context Labs and Microsoft are enabling companies to compile and act upon trusted climate data, to accelerate the goal of a net zero sustainable future.”

About Context Labs

Context Labs is dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and contextualizing the world’s climate information. The company enables data to become trusted, shared, and utilized as Asset Grade Data (AGD™), providing insights and solutions to inform markets. Context Labs mission is to provide the world’s trusted data fabric platform, delivering Asset Grade Data to customers using the Immutably™ Enterprise Data Fabric platform, deploying machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cryptographic blockchain technologies, for context-driven insights. 

Building on the Immutably™ Enterprise Data Fabric platform, the company has deployed customer service layers (1) Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™), tailored to accelerate the Global Energy Transition, and its (2) CLEAR Path™ platform to enable customers to optimize value creation with the highest quality carbon credits. The company was formed out of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) research and is comprised of a leadership team that has been instrumental in the at-scale growth of the Internet, in prior companies. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Cambridge, Mass., and Houston. Learn more at

Context Labs:
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Ecosystem instrumentation and sensor partners integrating with the Context Labs platforms, supporting the announcement include, but are not limited to-


“On the journey to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, carbon accounting plays an increasingly important role. Accurate supply chain carbon emission accounting and reporting is essential to enable the auditable quantification of industry emissions across the supply chain. In partnership with Context Labs, Dell Technologies is delivering its zero-touch, zero-trust NativeEdge solution to ensure that all data captured within the Context Labs platform can be trusted and verified,” said David Holmes, General Manager, Energy.

OSK (Orbital Sidekick)

“Our collaboration with Context Labs is bringing national-security grade solutions to a wide range of energy markets. Orbital Sidekick prioritizes empowering responsible global operators with accessible intelligence on the integrity and efficiency of their assets. Context Labs enables this data to be used at scale to support global sustainability initiatives,” stated CEO Tushar Prabhakar.


“Our dual-mode optical payloads integrated into satellite platforms are setting new performance benchmarks in a number of climate applications including visual inspections and methane monitoring. By bringing these data into the DaaS™ platform, we will be ensuring that Satlantis’ potential for impact is realized in energy, food and carbon markets worldwide,” stated Juan Tomás Hernani, CEO of Satlantis.


“LongPath’s commitment to data excellence underpins our dedication to delivering scientifically rigorous and reliably accurate emissions data products. Through our collaboration with Context Labs, we reinforce this commitment, ensuring that our unwavering pursuit of high-quality, proven methane sensing methods, valid quantification, and validated emission rates continues to benefit our clients and the communities they support,” stated CEO Ian Dickinson.


“Sensia is a pioneer company in AI-powered Infrared Imaging. We support a wide range of applications for a broad community of customers including Intelligent Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) for gas emissions detection and quantification and flare efficiency monitoring. Our AI-OGI is a unique solution to support the HSE challenges involving, among many other, carbon footprint monitoring, safety of workers, perimeter security and preventive maintenance. Our work with Context Labs is going to help our customers manage complexity with less risk and drive decarbonization with more impact,” stated Dr. Francisco Cortés, CEO of SENSIA

Kuva Systems

“Kuva’s integration with the Context Labs platform is enabling oil and gas operators to determine root-cause of emissions faster and at 90% lower cost by combining images of component specific emission plumes from Kuva’s continuous methane/VOC monitoring solution with SCADA operational data. This integration will give customers the confidence to accelerate and scale their emissions management programs without overstretching their field operation teams,” stated CEO Stefan Bokaemper

Encino Environmental Services

“Encino’s portfolio of emissions monitoring service blends compliance requirements with proactive mitigation efforts. Since early 2022, Encino has utilized the latest in emissions testing, LDAR and monitoring technologies to support upstream and midstream clients feeding their data into the Context Labs DaaS™ platform. Our customers value this combination to ensure data integrity and support their differentiation and decarbonization efforts,” stated Scott McCurdy, CEO of Encino Environmental.


“Teralytic takes pride in ushering those responsible for soil management beyond the dark ages of soil data collection. We look forward to collaborating with Context Labs, where we will leverage their platform to better identify, standardize and manage best practices related to soil health,” stated CEO Trintus Smith.

Ecosystem instrumentation and sensor partners:

About Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) helps organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. The company provides customers with the industry’s broadest and most innovative technology and services portfolio for the data era.

About Orbital Sidekick (OSK)

Orbital Sidekick’s proprietary analytics platform and hyperspectral payload architecture provide persistent space-based monitoring solutions powered by Spectral Intelligence™. This unique radiometric speciation and change detection capability enables unparalleled target monitoring services for both commercial and defense users on a global scale. For more information on Orbital Sidekick’s global persistent monitoring services, please visit

About Satlantis

Satlantis is one of the largest specialists in high-resolution Earth observation optical payloads for small satellites worldwide, through a combination of knowledge and heritage in astrophysics, space, engineering, and business. Satlantis baseline technology is iSIM (integrated Standard Imager for Microsatellites), a high-resolution optical & SWIR (shortwave infrared) payload for EO SmallSats that provides sub-meter resolution in four bands. The imager is especially suited for the monitoring of linear structures (coastlines, pipelines, borders). The iSIM family includes different classes of payload for microsatellites (less than 100kg) and for cubesats (12U). In addition, thanks to its eco-system of partners, SATLANTIS can offer complete solutions such as EO satellites and constellation services.

About LongPath Technologies

Founded in 2017, LongPath is the first company to leverage Nobel prize-winning long-range frequency comb laser sources to achieve dramatic cost reductions for continuous emissions monitoring. LongPath’s system is akin to a radar for methane (the main component of natural gas). In addition to applications in energy, LongPath’s technology is well suited to penetrate vast addressable markets including agriculture, waste management, mining, and urban monitoring.


Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Madrid, Spain, SENSIA Solutions is a market leader in cutting-edge solutions based on proprietary AI-powered infrared (IR) imaging technology. The Company’s mission is to deliver value and create an impact in industry, environment, and society by expanding the massive application of IR imaging. Trust, reliability, exclusive value creation, and cost-effectiveness are the foundations of SENSIA’s commitment to customers. Additional information can be found at

About Kuva Systems

Kuva Systems’ industrial IoT platform provides an image-based, continuous methane monitoring and quantification solution. It enables upstream and midstream oil and gas companies to improve their operations and meet ESG and methane intensity goals. The Kuva platform is based on the most cost-effective IR gas camera in the industry, and it pinpoints emission locations and quantifies flow rates based on minute-by-minute measurements. Leak analytics can be used to prioritize operational responses, quantify ongoing conditions, and confirm nominal performance. For more information please visit

About Encino Environmental Services

Formed in 2010 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, Encino Environmental Services, LLC provides comprehensive emissions monitoring and mitigation solutions to Energy companies with a focus on Oil and Gas and Biogas markets. The Company delivers environmental performance solutions customized to each client’s individual needs and environmental performance goals. Encino’s comprehensive lineup of services includes emissions performance testing, stack testing, LDAR (leak detection and repair), CEMS (continuous emissions monitoring systems), methane monitoring via Satlantis micro satellites and advanced environmental data software. Our solutions help ensure regulatory compliance and ESG strategies and objectives. The Company operates across the U.S. covering all major oil and gas basins and select international markets. Additional information can be found at

About Teralytic

Teralytic is the world’s first wireless NPK soil sensor and real time soil analytics tool. Using proprietary soil sensors, Teralytic provides a gateway to rich, real time, and actionable data giving landowners visibility into their soils at all times to support sustained soil health. Teralytic has and continues to refine an industry leading soils database in order to support its vision to provide an ‘agronomist is a box’ to farmers and landowners across the world. Come and see how the dark age of farm and forest data collection ends here: