UPDATED: December 6th 2019

Context Labs (CXL) and Spherical | Analytics (S|A) Founder and CEO Dan Harple recently presented the Keynote Address at the 2019 Financial Times (FT) Investing for Good USA conference in New York on December 5th.

Dan’s keynote addressed Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Impact Analytics, specifically how the use of AI and advanced software platforms can enhance the sustainability and resilience of an organization while simultaneously anticipating financial impacts using Ground Truth environmental data.

Dan presented a central thesis that empirical Ground Truth can create proven and auditable trust among parties. Asset Grade Data (AGD), data so trusted and provenanced that it becomes elevated to the class of an asset itself, can in turn yield Asset Grade Analytics (AGA). Those resulting impact analytics generate a granular AI-generated signal along any number of Environmental, Sustainability, or Corporate Governance (ESG) metrics when evaluating an organization, particularly when driving impact investment. ESG can now be priced into assets.

The Immutably™ and AlphaESG™ platforms generate the AGD, AGA, and Signal needed for those impact insights with:

1.     Continuous machine learning-based data aggregation

2.     Granular asset-based, point-sourced emissions

3.     Interconnected context layers connect the dots to reveal new insights

4.     Ground-truth based, empirically-verified volatility

5.     Real-time continuous AI-driven analytics

“Markets demand a different approach to data,” Harple presented to the gathered executives and industry leaders. “Markets need trusted insights and analytics upon which decisions can be made and actions defended.” Machine learning, particularly ingestion at-scale, and an AI engine enabled by deep learning methods and AGD/AGA present the most innovative way to create that provenance and veracity.

FT Investing for Good USA, organized in partnership with FT Moral Money, institutional investors, wealth managers, foundations, government, family offices, social entrepreneurs and others discussed how innovative finance could support meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) while also providing a financial return. The FT Investing for Good series of conferences are held annually across several continents. The conferences are noted for their ability to convene many of the most innovative and intentional leaders in their fields, setting the standard for future intentional investing practices and technologies.

To learn more about the conference, visit their site: https://live.ft.com/Events/2019/FT-Investing-for-Good-USA 

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