Spherical|Analytics (S|A), a Context Labs (CXL) company, proudly announced the launch of the Climate Action Engine (CAE) today, representing the first output of our strategic partnership with Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The CAE is a data and analytics platform built on the CXL enterprise-grade Data Fabric, Immutably™, supported by RMI’s ecosystem and insights. The CAE models and visualizes methane emissions from the oil and gas industry in West Texas’s Permian Basin with plans to expand across all geographies, globally. 


Evidencing the true extent of GHG emissions starts with data. The challenge lies in accessing the right data and ensuring it can be trusted. The sheer volume of unrefined data can be daunting, especially when processing decades worth of asset production or incidents from the nation’s most productive oil and gas basin. 

That’s where the CXL Data Fabric comes in, a platform built with all-source ingestion, cryptographic proofing services, distributed ledger technology, and machine learning / artificial intelligence-enabled analytics. The CAE ingests inputs from a large number of sources to include: satellites, aerial vehicles, public and private monitoring stations, compliance reporting, and other publicly available inputs and reports. Data sources like these are what CXL defines as “Ground Truth”: data derived from as close to the source as possible. By ingesting primarily “Ground Truth” data, the CAE can ensure the provenance and veracity of that data from the sensor into the model and visualizations. 

Each of these data feeds was ingested, pre-processed, and secured to the highest pedigree direct from the source. That level of attestation and trust elevates the data to become something S|A calls “Asset Grade Data” (AGD). AGD is just that: data transformed into an asset-itself and beyond reproach. This AGD, in turn, feeds Asset Grade Analytics (AGA). The insights generated by the CAE have all gone through this rigorous transformation in order to ensure the highest level of pedigree, provenance, and trust. 

The CAE will also enable the emerging ecosystem of climate platforms and apps to interoperate with it by providing API strategies that support open source efforts, as well as other commercial efforts, to co-exist and accelerate the reduction in methane emissions. That openness represents a core part of the S|A-RMI joint mission. 

The only way to ensure a decarbonized future is through partnerships that support actionable insights empowered by trust: both trusted data and trusted partners. This platform represents the perfect synthesis of the best of both organizations in our shared goal of achieving that more sustainable future. RMI’s deep industry connections, experience, and insight bring together the diverse ecosystem of industry operators and creates partnerships rooted in the trust they provide. S|A drives that trust further through a technology stack that elevates its data and insights to the highest possible standard. 

The CAE is just the first of many outputs of the S|A-RMI strategic partnership. We are proud and honored to work with such a prestigious organization and thrilled to be sharing this launch together. Please visit RMI’s CAE site by clicking here, and their announcement as well. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Climate Action Engine, Rocky Mountain Institute, or Spherical | Analytics, join us for a Zoom webinar on September 22nd during NYC Climate Week. Panelists from S|A and RMI will join industry experts and leaders in discussing the power of trusted data to drive real change. Please RSVP here and we look forward to seeing you there!