On World Oceans Day 2020, Spherical | Analytics (a Context Labs company) was featured in “A Sustainable Ocean Economy in 2030: Opportunities and Challenges” as part of The Economist Group’s World Ocean Initiative.

CEO and Founder, Dan Harple, presented our Immutably™ for Maritime platform and its first reference implementation: The Marine Databank. Part of Chapter 3, “Welcome to the Blue Data Revolution,” Dan highlights the numerous challenges with aggregating and synthesizing massive amounts of data. “It’s about how you integrate increasingly exploding amounts of data across disparate locations and make sense of it,” Dan stated. 

The Marine Databank, powered by Immutably™, was developed in collaboration with the New Bedford Port Authority and the UMass Dartmouth School of Marine Science and Technology to drive actionable intelligence for the fishing fleet, academic research, and other related members of the community. By ingesting, securing, and analyzing public and private data, the Marine Databank provides actionable intelligence for industry stakeholders to better target fish biomass, reduce operating expense, and conduct more sustainable operations.

The Economist Group’s newest report highlights challenges facing key sectors in the ocean economy including seafood, shipping, tourism and renewable energy. The nine-chapter report covers a myriad of solutions to protect our oceans’ health while continuing to enjoy the bountiful economic activity it supports.

We are honored to be featured in this important report and we remind everyone to support ocean sustainability not just on World Oceans Day, but every day.

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