Mobilizing action toward net-zero with carbon credit pricing, valuation, and project information

CAMBRIDGE, Mass., September 19, 2023 — Context Labs and Viridios AI have today announced a strategic partnership to de-risk and re-build carbon markets.

This collaboration brings together Context Labs, the company behind the Immutably™ Data Fabric and Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™) platforms, and Viridios AI, a Viridios Group company and leader in global carbon market analytics through data and technology, to create the safest, most trusted platform for environmental attribute discovery, evaluation, and pricing.

Context Labs joins Viridios AI’s solutions development and deployment ecosystem as a key strategic partner focusing on data integrity, transparency, and scalability. Sharing a vision for how to re-build and de-risk the emerging and ongoing needs of the global carbon markets, the companies will help organizations meet their climate and net-zero targets with the world’s safest carbon credits available to offset residual emissions. Each company will collaborate with a select group of partners from their respective networks to identify specific opportunities to provide data-driven, more effective decarbonization and monetization methods.

“I am delighted to announce the strategic partnership between Context Labs and Viridios AI,” said Dan Harple, CEO, Context Labs. “Context Labs solutions are rapidly scaling in a number of energy transition-and voluntary carbon markets, and with Viridios AI, we can further our goal of leveraging our best-in-class approach for enabling trusted emissions measurement, monitoring, and mitigation with complementary strategic partners. As an integrated solution, Context Labs and Viridios AI will deliver proven capabilities on the most secure, extensive, AI-infused climate technology stack available.”

Context Labs serves as a key partner in Viridios AI’s solution development and deployment efforts. Virdios AI’s discovery, evaluation and pricing solution will include leading edge data integrity, machine learning and AI capabilities from Context Labs and secure, scalable cloud and edge infrastructure.  More specifically, Viridios AI’s solution will be built on Context Labs’ Immutably™ Asset Grade Data (AGD™) platform enterprise data fabric.

De-Risking Carbon Offset Valuation and Strategies

Similar to the risk and pricing approaches found in mainstream commodity markets, Viridios AI is committed to leveraging the most rigorous and trusted analytical approaches to create carbon markets infrastructure to help organizations de-risk carbon creation, marketing and offsetting strategies. The VAI platform provides access to market-leading modules, prices, valuation, projects, and markets to provide subscribers with a full suite of carbon market intelligence in a single user interface.

“Carbon market transparency is paramount to an organization’s ability to truly meet their net-zero goals,” said Marcelo Labre, CEO, Viridios AI. “Combining our best-in-class technology that provides a robust carbon credit valuation methodology and supports tools our market participants expect, along with Context Labs’ Immutably will ensure data integrity and traceability behind environmental attribute evaluation.”

Context Labs continues to meet global decarbonization needs with enterprise-class solutions to for climate operations as evidenced by Context Labs’ recent wins with EQT and Williams among others. This partnership it will advance its solutions in energy transition markets, integrating Context Labs’ platform Immutably™ enterprise data fabric inside Viridios AI solutions as appropriate.

About Viridios AI

Viridios AI (, a Viridios Group company, is committed to improving the value discovery around carbon projects to allow capital to flow more freely into the complex carbon markets as the world seeks to meet its climate and net-zero targets. Its mission is to bring robust valuation methodology and instruments found in all other markets, to this critical asset class and to help clients future-proof their carbon offset strategies. The VAI platform provides access to Viridios AI’s market-leading modules, Pricing, Markets, Projects and Valuation, providing subscribers with a full suite of carbon market intelligence on a single user interface.

About Context Labs

Context Labs is dedicated to sourcing, organizing, and contextualizing the world’s climate information. The company enables data to become trusted, shared, and utilized as Asset Grade Data (AGD™), providing insights and solutions to inform markets. Context Labs mission is to provide the world’s trusted data fabric platform, delivering Asset Grade Data (AGD™) to customers using the Immutably™ Enterprise Data Fabric platform, deploying machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and cryptographic blockchain technologies, for context-driven insights.

Building on the Immutably™ Enterprise Data Fabric platform, the company has deployed customer service layers (1) Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™), tailored to accelerate the Global Energy Transition, and its (2) CLEAR Path™ platform to enable customers to optimize value creation with the highest quality carbon credits. The company was formed out of MIT research and is comprised of a leadership team that has been instrumental in the at-scale growth of the Internet, in prior companies. The company has offices in Amsterdam, Cambridge, MA, and Houston, TX. Learn more at

Context Labs:
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