Spherical Analytics (S|A) is building the world’s trusted platform for environmental data

We’re excited to announce today that Context Labs and The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust (“Grantham Environmental Trust”) are launching Spherical Analytics (S|A).

S|A is a new company whose purpose is to build the world’s trusted platform for global environmental data, analytics and modeling tools.

The Context Labs mantra of The Supply Chain of Everything (SCE), applies our blockchain-enabled Immutably™ platform to a variety of applications.  The applications range from the tracking of an idea in its digital form, to its physical production and supply chain; chain of custody, chain of identity, publishing such as books and music, Big Pharma, automotive, consumer electronic manufacturing and distribution, etc. 

In short, our view is that all things we utilize, both physical and digital, have a provenance at the point of “A-ha!” inception, all the way until a product a service ends up in a consumer’s hands.  Capturing this provenance is done by our Proofworks™ platform, and the tracking of its veracity through time is accomplished with our ProvenPaths™ technology.  Our intersection of understanding for this is with Impact Analytics™, combining the “interconnectedness of everything” with blockchain, to more fully describe, understand, and predict the SCE.  Technologically, it is a “blockchain meets network graph analytics, meets machine learning” marriage.  It is a powerful combination, particularly when integrated with machine learning and big data ingestion at-scale.

A Trust Platform

Most importantly, these applications of Immutably™ all have a common denominator, the ability to build a Trust Platform, one that certifies to the provenance and veracity of data, throughout its myriad uses.

With that, we posed the question, “What is one of the most important uses of our technology for the planet?”  Upon meeting and collaborating with Jeremy Grantham and his team at the Grantham Environmental Trust, we converged on our global climate challenges.  It became clear to us that this application deserves to be its own company, with a singular mission.  With that:

Our mission at S|A  is to source and organize the world’s environmental information, with embedded blockchain-enabled provenance and veracity, to radically accelerate positive impacts and outcomes to Planet Earth.  We do this by integrating blockchain technology with big data ingestion, machine learning and advanced analytics, providing a strategic tool for environmental impact, risk assessment and systemic change

We are looking forward to extending our work and investment in blockchain research and development to address climate change. We invite you to visit the Spherical Analytics website, or read the full press release announcing the launch of Spherical Analytics.