Context Labs is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking Decarbonization-as-a-Service platform is now available for exploration in Microsoft Technology Centers (MTCs) worldwide.

Microsoft Technology Centers deliver immersive experiences and deep technical engagements to their strategic customers. Their senior architects help clients understand what’s possible and make it real by connecting solutions to achieve business outcomes. With DaaS now live in MTCs, organizations gain access to a hands-on experience that showcases the transformative potential of the platform.

In today’s ever-changing regulatory landscape, companies require irrefutable proof of their climate performance to effectively manage climate management requirements, evolving emissions disclosure, and tax incentives. With DaaS, organizations can implement technology that delivers  contextual Asset Grade Data (AGD™) and AI-enabled analytics and reports to provide an empirical view of their carbon intensity performance, unlocking strategic, operational, and commercial value.

DaaS empowers companies to quantify emissions through the DaaS Emissions Control Center and leverage AI-enabled source-level emissions analytics. Offering accurate disclosure of carbon footprints and actionable steps to reduce emissions, backed by proven emissions performance. We help customers to achieve effective commercialization of sustainability efforts.

Operating on a near-real-time basis, DaaS offers a wide range of analytical capabilities for the entire portfolio of assets within a given supply chain, including specific equipment serving as sources of emissions within sites or facilities. By combining data from multiple assets in a supply chain, it provides a secure and granular representation of emissions activities.

Decarbonization-as-a-Service is typically offered as a multi-year license, with pricing determined based on the scale of assets covered and the scope of services provided. It complements existing systems of record and can be integrated to match an organization’s  specific user preferences, allowing for seamless reporting or the creation of new reports.

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