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Carbon Capture and Sequestration


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The Customer needed an effective way to capture and sequester carbon dioxide in unconventional rock formations. Implementing this method would allow the Customer to unlock massive carbon sequestration potential at a greater scale (5-10+ gigatons per year) and at a cost lower ($20-$40/tonne) than ever before — surpassing annual CO2 emissions for China and the U.S. combined.


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The Customer leveraged CLEAR Path™, powered by Immutably™, an attribute registry that tracks everything from carbon capture and credit creation to the retirement of credits.

The blockchain-enabled solution has allowed the customer to uncover relationships between disparate data sets, including operational data, regulatory reports, ground sensor instrumentation, satellite and UAV data, and manually-entered information. Using our leading-edge Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology, CLEAR Path™ has transformed this information into an invaluable asset that supports the customer’s new methodology and the creation of next-generation environmental attributes.

With CLEAR Path™, the Customer can perform more accurate attestations, confidently share them with third-party platforms and data sources, and keep pace in an ever-changing marketplace. CLEAR Path™ produces and delivers the highest-quality carbon credits, enabling this tech company and others like it to garner higher prices in the OTC market, instill greater confidence in their data, and do well by doing good for the planet.

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