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Global Enterprise Decarbonization


Companies that need solutions to indisputably prove their climate performance, focusing initially on energy industry verticals, transition segments, and natural asset management for climate regeneration.


With growing climate demands from regulators, investors, and the public, companies must find more effective ways to accurately measure, monitor, and mitigate their carbon emissions to beat and exceed factor-based reporting. Reliable climate data is essential not only to bolster trust in their sustainability programs, but to unlock more business value and new financial opportunities.


Decarbonization-as-a-Service™ (DaaS™) is a comprehensive, integrated solution to measure, monitor, mitigate, and report GHG and criteria air pollutant emissions. The machine learning and AI-enabled DaaS™ empowers firms to improve operational performance faster, to accelerate their Net Zero initiatives. The Context Labs platform is now deployed on Azure, with its enhanced security and Azure OpenAI Service tooling, delivering customer value in the Energy Transition.

DaaS™ enables customers to harness our innovative Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology to move away from incomplete and inaccurate models and estimates and leverage automated, digitally-quantified, third-party attested environmental data to support full lifecycle carbon accounting. This solution facilitates stronger proof of performance for emissions reduction activities and provides trusted insights to advance climate goals, strengthen compliance and reporting, and improve visibility into operations.

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