Context Labs Chief Operating Officer, Mark McDivitt, was recently featured on a CoinDesk episode of Money Reimagined, entitled: “Crypto, Climate Change and the ESG Debate: Kevin O’Leary, Massamba Thioye, Martin Wainstein Tackle the Issues and More.”

Mark McDivitt joined CoinDesk’s Chief Content Officer Michael Casey and World Economic Forum Head of Blockchain and Data, Sheila Warren, to discuss ESG and crypto’s impact on the environment and climate change. The episode focused on topics such as what Wall Street investors want to see and how a decentralized planetary carbon ledger may be what the world needs when it comes to accountability and transparency in reaching sustainability goals.

Kevin O’Leary, O’Shares ETF chairman and ABC’s Shark Tank Investor, was also a featured guest on the episode. O’Leary focused on how corporations are reluctant to add crypto to their balance sheets because of ESG (environmental, social, governance) issues, including issues of needing to prove that their coins are sustainable and can be trusted. He stated, “In the end, the truth is what matters, particularly if you’re an institutional investor and you want to know the facts… Bitcoin as an asset is here to stay. And now it’s got to get in sync with what institutions want before they buy it.”

McDivitt highlighted how Context Labs clearly addresses this issue around enabling trust in data. The ESG community is currently struggling with trusting the data, particularly around the provenance and veracity of non-traditional financial data. He stated, “Blockchain technology is central to the work that we’re doing at my firm Context Labs. We’ve developed a software platform called Immutably™ that ingests all sorts of data to include company reported filings, satellite, source, sensor, and third-party attestation and ESG datasets. Each step of this process is cryptographically proofed and ledgered thereby rendering the data that we ingest as irrefutably trusted or something that we call Asset Grade Data.” Asset Grade Data is a key factor in accelerating the deployment of trillions directed towards mitigating the climate crisis.


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