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Critical infrastructure provider


For the critical infrastructure segment, the mission is simple: Develop next-generation defense and intelligence, and advance innovation. But to accomplish this, our Customer needed to harness digital solutions to connect and extract trusted insights from data in a highly-decentralized environment. Context Labs delivered a solution that re-imagines physical infrastructure and supports sustainability — all in real time.


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The critical infrastructure provider leveraged the Immutably™ enterprise data fabric platform to securely extract machine data from operational technology systems, including SCADA systems, ambient environment monitors, remote terrestrial, airborne and satellite sources that support carbon emissions monitoring, water consumption, recycling, and waste production. The company then used our proprietary Asset Grade Data (AGD™) technology to enrich, contextualize, and validate this data — creating a continuous source of truth to track and assess the real-time performance of critical infrastructure assets. 

The Customer is deploying our Immutably™ platform and AGD™ technology to support existing critical infrastructure sites, including one of the largest airports in North America. The airport intends to reduce its carbon footprint per passenger mile and use this data point as one of several benchmark climate performance metrics. 

Immutably™ and AGD™ technology give critical infrastructure providers a new pathway to accelerate change. With the solution, they can strengthen infrastructure management, develop climate-aligned services, amass higher-quality carbon credits, and measure their true environmental impact.

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